The Black Box Institute is a unique boutique advisory firm and think tank that brings purposeful and thoughtful advice and programs to clients. We specialize in complex organizational and leadership challenges. Our problem solving techniques emerge from the fusion of traditional strategy and financial advisory disciplines with creative design thinking.


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We help businesses craft a way forward by working closely with executive management to identify growth initiatives and clarify most likely scenarios. Market assessment and entry, new product and service opportunities, governance, and marketing and branding are a few of the lines of inquiry that we pursue.

Corporate Strategy
Competitive Landscape
Market Research

Where is the company going?

What is its purpose?

How will it achieve and measure success?

How do the strengths and weaknesses of the company compare to those of its competitors?

How attractive are the targeted markets?

What are the trends, opportunities, threats and future scenarios?



We provide a broad spectrum of financial advisory services, including fair market valuation of businesses, corporate finance and transaction advisory for mergers and acquisitions, business sales and divestitures, buy-side services, recapitalizations and private equity fund raising to a broad range of industries and for businesses of any size.

Corporate Valuation
Corporate Finance
Transaction Advisory

What is a fair valuation?

What are the key value drivers?

What is the market appetite?

How should projects be financed?

What is the optimal capital structure for the business?

How do strategic, financial and operational considerations create a successful transaction?



We help clients develop their leaders and design their organization to create a high performance culture that is aligned with their strategy, processes and systems. This enables incumbent and emerging leaders to unleash their talent and contribute more to the growth of the company.

Organizational Growth
Personal Effectiveness
Relationship Development

How does the company align leaders with the corporate strategy?

What is the optimal organizational design for the company’s current growth stage?

How does the company instill personal awareness, confidence and character to its leaders?

How does the company support the creation of strong networks and high- performance teams?